From 30W to 70W
LED Linear light Rail is an amazing product! 
Clients often tell us that the cost of installation is very high when they decorate supermarket or warehouse because the wiring is much complex. We know that the ceiling of the supermarket and warehouse is irregular shape, so the wiring is a trouble thing.

​Never mind, Long Sun has produced new products to solve these problems. How does the Rail solve these problems? Please read more information as below. 
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Through the video, you can understand the product better.


· Trunk and ceiling installation

· Trunk-to-trunk connection

· Connection of the trunk and the luminaire

Beam Angle

Detailed Parameters Table

Quality assurance

Optional function

Trunk and ceiling installation
Considering the cost of wiring and installation, we divide the linear light Rail series into two parts, one is the luminaire, the other is the trunk.

As long as slide the iron piece into the trunk, screw nut embedded, rope installed, the trunk can be hanging. 

Trunk-to-trunk connection

We can use a variety of connectors, to achieve the link of the trunk and the trunk between different directions.

·Perfect flexibility with “X”, “T”, “L” type node connector.
·Continuous-row modular luminaire, connection gap<1mm.
·Toolless trunking connection with "click" couplers.

X Node Connector
L Node Connector
T Node Connector
- Node Connector
The track and the track can also be directly connected
In addition, there is three live wire in the trunk, this design allows users to use the maximum power of more than 10000W (Each live wire can bear 4000W).

​·Pre-arranged wire, 5/7/11 wirings for options, with 2.5mm² copper core.
·Basic lighting, 1-10V dimmable/DALI/ Emergency lighting/Microwave/Daylight sensor available.

And the dialer is designed to adjust the live wire.

​Phase Selector: Select phase(L1, L2, L3) for each luminaire module by easily ‘CLICK’, group management of the luminaires becomes simple and easy.

Connection of the trunk and the luminaire

Finally, you only need to put the luminaire into the trunk, slip the on/off snap joint on the trunk, installation completed. 

Beam Angle
We all know that the application of supermarket lighting is very complicated, there is large-scale area of product display, also narrow area for goods arrangement. 

For adapt to the complicated environment of the supermarket,we developed PC cover and 4 kinds of led lens as below.

Rail Data Sheet
Using Meanwell driver, we have more confidence to assure the quality of the products, we promise 3-5 years guarantee of our lamp.
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Optional Function
Dali Dontrol 
1-10V Dimming
Emergency solution
DALI stand for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and is a protocol set out in the technical standard IEC 62386.
Lithium batteries are disposable (primary) batteries that have lithium metal orlithium compounds as an anode.
When the electricity was turned off, it can supply the led for 1 hour
LUNSONG provides 0-10v dimmable controller, light source for fine-tuning
Plug And Junction Boxes
European standard, American standard, Australian standard, UK standard ,Japanese standard, Southeast Asia standard and......
More optional function please contact us.
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