40W / 60W

- Built-in integral weathertight sensor available​
- High uniformity and optimal luminatre spacing
- Polycarbonate prismatic lens with wide 140° light distribution
- Both surface mounting & piping system accommodates safety and stability​​
- 5 Years Warranty 

Applications Include
Entryways, Security, Parking Garages, Banks or Fast Food Restaurants, and tunnel and other canopied structures with ceilings reaching 7-10 feet(2-3m).

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Through the video we can understand it more directly. 
Die-cast aluminum housing with unique round design, provides excellent thermal transfer to extend component life.
Also the lightweight, low profile and circular design makes SHELL the most unique and beautiful product on the market (Dimensions: 13 X 7.1 inches). Common uses are in residential homes, garages, or awnings, universities, schools, etc. You can also use them for added security on pathways, walkways.
The whole lamp with the powder coating is brighter, nonfading and anti-corrosion. Silicone rubber seal, anti-moisture, endure high Operation temperature -40°C(-104°F) to 50°C(122°F).
The installation method is flexible and allows for surface mounting sliding or 3/4 inch pendant mounting. Easy to install and maintain.
I. Surface Mounting Sliding

Hang the fixture and  make the wiring with your hands-free, then lock it in. super easy installation.
II. 3/4 inch Pendant Installation

Accepting threaded 3/4 '' conduit directly into the top of the luminaire.

Reducer (½˝ O-ring adaptor ) available.
Wide light distribution with 140 degrees, brings wider cover area, stable light source , and has better lighting spacing, making the lighting more comfortable. 
The light can be equipped with a microwave motion sensor that quickly responds to movement from people, cars, garage doors etc. Two sensor functions are available for you to choose, on/off or stand-by.
Also Daylight sensor is available, built in light sensor that turns the lights on automatically when the sun goes down and turns the light off when the sun rises. 
On / Off function
-Activtes form Off - 100% upon movement
Stand-by function
-Illuminates at 15% in stand by and increase to 100% upon movement
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